Reflecting Roadstuds Ltd – Home of the original “Catseye” Roadstud

Percy Shaw invented the self-wiping “Catseye” roadstud in 1934 and formed the company Reflecting Roadstuds Ltd in 1935

Ever since Percy Shaw’s first design the “Catseye” roadstud has consisted of three component parts: a cast iron base houses a rubber insert which in turn contains the glass reflectors.  Continual development and approved modifications ensure the effective life of the “Catseye” roadstud matches the ever increasing severity of traffic and the requirement of modern day standards.

The most recent model has been tested and certificated to BS EN 1463 Parts 1 & 2 achieving the highest possible classification for both Night-time visibility (R1) and durability (S1)

  • “Catseyes” are approved for use on all types of roads
  • "Catseyes” clearly indicate the direction of travel
  • “Catseyes” allow traffic to be regimented or laned
  • “Catseyes” reduce driver fatigue
  • By night & in fog when other Road markings fade “Catseyes” shine to lead the way

“Catseye” is the registered trademark of Reflecting Roadstuds Ltd it is incorrect to use this word or any phonetically equivalent such as “cats eyes” to describe roadstuds in general.

Catseye reflective roadstuds