The "Catseye" & The European Standard.

The "Catseye" has been tested a certificated to BS EN 1463 Parts 1 & 2 Road Marking Materials - Retroreflecting Roadstuds and is CE marked in accordance with Annex ZA of this standard. Manufacture is in accordance with the procedure laid down in BS EN 13212 Road Marking Materials - Requirements for factory production control and as such the "Cateye" received the EC conformity number 0086-CPD-510180 issued by the notified body The British Standards Institution and is subject to annual inspection by BSI.

The tables below gives the full classifications and dimensions as laid down in the standards:

BS EN 1463 - Part 2 Road Test Performance Specifications:

Performance for Road Users - Primary Assessment

Class S1

Performance for Road Users - Night-time Visibility

Class R1


Type of Roadstud:

Classification of roadstud by use

Use = Permanent Roadstud

Type P

Classification of roadstud by reflector

Reflector = Glass

Type l

Classification of roadstud by design

Design = Depressible

Type B



Height designed to be above road surface

More than 20mm to 25mm (Max.).

Class H3

Max. Horizontal dimensions exposed to traffic after installation (In the direction of travel)

Length 250mm Width 180mm

Class HD1

The relevant certificates are to be found under the heading "Certifications".

The complete European Standards BS EN 1463 Parts 1 & 2 Road marking materials - Retroreflecting Roadstud & BS EN 13212 Road Marking Materials - Requirement for factory production control are available for purchase from BSI.

The "Catseye" roadstud must be installed as per our paving instructions which can be downloaded from this website or a hard copy obtained from our office.  The spacing & colours of inserts & reflectors must be in accordance with either Department of Transport regulations for the UK or the Department of the Environment regulations currently in force for Ireland.  Guidance with regard to the use of roadstuds can be found in the following publications:

1. The Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions (TSRGD) advocates the design and conditions of use for roadstuds in the UK and is freely available on the web.

2. TD 26 - Inspection & Maintenance of Road Markings & Roadstuds on motorways & all-purpose trunk roads - This standard sets out the inspection & maintenance requirements & recommendations for roadstuds and is freely available on the web.

3. Highways Agency Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works (MCHW) - the listing of approved products & manufacturers (SA1) appears within this and is freely available on the web.

4. Traffic Signs Manual - Guidance for traffic authorities on the use of traffic signs & road markings freely available on the web.

5. Stanspec - published annually this document provides information on road marking standards & their amendments.  Available to purchase from the Road Safety Markings Association.

Catseye reflective roadstuds