Stainless Steel Roadstuds

Stainless Steel Pedestrian Crossing Studs

Each stud is made from austenitic stainless steel (18% Chrome 8% Nickel) specially heat treated which ensures maximum toughness strength and rust resistance.

Available with either a fishtail or chisel shank designed and shaped to prevent twisting after installation.  To assist skid resistance a serrated face is also available (chisel shank only).

A superior quality roadstud appropriate for any type of road surface, its durability provides excellent cost effectiveness.

Measurements & Types

Stainless Steel Roadstuds have nominal surface measurements of 100mm X 100mm with a shank measurement of 70mm (+ or - 6mm).

The left hand stud pictured above depicts the plain face stainless steel type which is available with either a fishtail or chisel shank.

The right hand stud in the picture illustrates the serrated face chisel shank stainless steel stud.

Recommendations for Installation

These installation instructions assume that a full risk assessment has been completed by the installer prior to commencing work regarding site, personnel, tools and materials to be used and the appropriate safety procedures and precautions (including protective clothing etc) implemented.

Drill a hole 32mm diameter to a depth of 80mm.  Clear away dust from interior of hole and surface of the road to be covered by the head of the marker.

Note: For concrete surfaces it is necessary to prime the hole and surrounding road surface with bitumen emulsion primer prior to grouting.

Fill the hole fully with hot bitumen grout (specification below) and IMMEDIATELY insert the marker shank and firmly press the head to the road surface taking care that the marker is properly aligned.  If necessary, pressing may be supplemented by light tamping with a wood or rubber headed mallet or similar.  ON NO ACCOUNT SHOULD THE STUD BE HAMMERED INTO POSITION.

The surplus of bitumen will be forced out of the hole by the ingoing shank to form a bed for the head.  Any surplus bitumen beyond the area of the marker should be trimmed off.

Specification of Bituminous Grout for Installing Marker

Filled Bitumen comprising: -

Bitumen 60/80 penetration 25 - 30%

Limestone Filler 80 - 90% passing 75 micron 70 - 75 %

The resultant mixture should have the following properties: -

Penetration at 25 degrees Celsius (C) 23 +/- 5

Softening point (R & B) 85 degrees C +/- 5 degrees C

The filled bitumen shall be heated in a bitumen heater capable of holding the charge at a constant temperature of 200 degrees Celsius and fitted with a mechanical agitator to ensure the solids are properly dispersed through pouring material at all times.  Thermostatic temperature control is essential. Material to be applied to stud cavity at pouring temperature of 190 - 200 degrees Celsius.

Under no circumstances should the grout be heated to over 230 degrees Celsius as this will result in hardening and loss of elasticity.

Bitumen grout available from Jobling Purser

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